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Painting Diary - 2015/02/01


Mix of Pencil and Airbrush -

Unicorn and Moon


I like David's ideas all the time. He always throws interesting topics and make me think over them. This special idea also came from him. I used the pencil tool to depict the main object, the unicorn, and then used the special layer setting, Blend Mode, to create the gradient back color of the moon. The contrast of different pen textures also composes this fantastic piece. Thank you, David!

The canvas setting parameters are:


  1. Canvas Lighting: on

  2. Canvas Color: Dark Blue

  3. Grain: I used the other paper setting, Tiny Grain, this time as the figure.

  4. Grain Size: 50%

  5. Roughness: 100%

A. Canvas Settings

  1. Present: Hard and Dark

  2. Settings: Default


I usually change the pressure and the tool size when I draw.

B. Pencil Tool Settings

  1. First I filled the colors, blue and yellow, and used Knife tool to make the gradient transition. In the first figure, there are the settings.

  2. The Blend Mode can help the upper layer to cover smoothly with the lower layer. This time I used the soft light so that I can depict the lights and shadow of the moon.

  3. Used the airbrush to depict the detail of the lighting on the surface.

C.  Layer Setting for the Background of the Moon

OK! Done! Another happy and successful trial.

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