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Painting Diary - 2015/01/28


Two Dancers


This is my 3rd work painted by ArtRage. I originally set 1-2 colors to make my sketch practice. 


Fang Yi Sheu is one of my favorite dancers. I took this powerful photo from her project: Timeless, to be my model for this time. I used GIMP to make the grid on the photo and in ArtRage there is a function of the grid setting so that I can precisely depict the figures. Grid setting is under the menu, View -> Grids -> Grid Setting.

Frist of all, the canvas setting is the basic step need to be finished. The Canvas Setting board contains:


  1. Canvas Lighting: 

  2. Canvas Color (my favourite)

  3. Opacity: 0-100% - it helps me to decrease the interference of other layers.

  4. Metallic ( I haven't use this function yet.)

  5. Grain: to set the canvas texture. You can set the separate textures on each layer. Right click or press the right bottom symbol and select "Edit Layer Texture". 

  6. Grain Size: Sliding the grain size can help you to choose the right effect. I used a custom texture shared by the ArtRage Forums

  7. Roughness  ( I haven't use this function yet.)

I used the pencil tool to depict the draft of the figures and got disturbance from the pencil color, orange, for further step so I used "Adjust Color" function to change it from orange to lightseagreen, the complementary color from orange. ( Refer to this page to understand the complementary colors.)


Sometimes I use the complementary color to make the shadow on objects. It can obtain the airy effect, not so thick.


I got the sharp outline from the draft and would add the light and shadow. Before I make this practice, I watched a tuition of how to create a backlighting effect from Johanna Tarkela's Facebook page. It is the reason I picked Fang Yi Sheu's photo to have the practice this time.

I also used the proposition function because my hand can't conrol well in any directions. It can help me to depict a horizontal line. ( 45 degree line is my weakness. )  


Another important setting is "Samples" which can save the colors you used and you will not dirt your painting with unlimited colors.

A. Canvas Settings

B. Adjust Color

C. Use Settings of the Pen Tool

D. Other Useful Functions

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